I asked 2 dns for the domain

Hello PA :) I buy a developer acount and I am very happy is a great service with a very useful interface Well my problem is I bought a domain but when I want to configure the dns only have the as explained in the guide but domain settings ask me minimum 2 I wonder if PA has a second dns for my account so that it can use or you could place as dns2 in my domain and do not let me use it without two domains?

I sounds like you're trying to change the name servers instead of the CNAME for your domain. Don't change the name servers they should already be set up for the name servers that your registrar needs. Only change the CNAME as described in the documentation.

Thanks for the reply That means that I should change the domain dns only must ask you as cname placed

There should be a place where you can add records to your domain information. Choose the CNAME type and use for the value.

Well Thanks Glenn :)