Anonymous consoles

I have 2 questions about the anonymous consoles at

  • Are they affected by the tarpit?

  • Is it possible to control these consoles through the PythonAnywhere API?

No to both of those. They have no connection to your account. Then are just like the consoles that we provide for - they are expected to be short-lived, the file storage is gone pretty much as soon as the user disconnects and there is not really any way to connect to an old one from a different browser session.

I want to use anonymous consoles to create public interactive demos

You can do that, but there is no way for you to add anything into the environment of the console. Your users would have to type everything to proceed through the demo.

is there an alternative to rootnroll

If you're looking for a console something like that, you can use one of our gist consoles:

When did you add this

Ages ago.

Gist consoles won't work for me because their disk quota is small as your pp.

Sorry, I had to

I think I'm going to use rootnroll. I emailed them to get Dish running on there.