Disk Space

Hello PythonAnywhere Team,

I am seeing the following message on my Files Tab in the Dashboard.

87% full (1.4 TB of your 1.6 TB quota)

But I am sure that my application does not take any space more than 1 GB (max). Could you please let me know how I am running out of disk space.

Thanks for your support

Regards, Mahesh

Hi there -- I've responded to Mahesh over email, but just in case anyone else is seeing the same problem, here's what's happenening: we had an outage on one of our database servers earlier, and as a result some people are being show the total space used/free on the storage volume that hosts their files -- not the space available to their account.

We're investigating the cause of the mis-reporting of free space and will fix it as soon as we can.

This should now be fixed.

Hi , what is the maximum space available as when i customize my account it only give 200 gb max space

200GiB is the maximum we support by default, but if you get in touch over email ( we can probably bump that up a bit, depending on how much you need.