Problems with first app?

Can someone please, please help me. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my first web app to work, it's just for a blog. I can get it to work on my local machine but not on here. Could someone look at my code if I give you my user name?

I'm sure we can figure it out. What seems to be the problem? Is there anything in the error log? Does this help?

I gave me this error log when I tried to run the wsgi file: <<Traceback (most recent call last): file "/home/lonto81/blog/blog/", line 13 in <module> from django.core.wsgi import get_wsgi_application Import Error: No module named wsgi >>

My user name to my account is lonto81

Have you tried following the steps outlined in Does that help at all?

From the looks of that error, it may be a problem with the version of django you want to use. Our system defaults to version 1.3 under python 2, and version 1.6 under python 3. If you want to use a different/more recent version, you'll want to use a virtualenv. There's a detailed how-to guide here:

OK I got it to work, sort of. It shows the "It worked", Welcome to Django page instead of showing the home page of my blog? It worked perfectly a few minutes ago locally?

I see you've started another thread about database problems -- shall we just keep the conversation going over there?

Yes sorry