can't import installed packages

I'm installing packages with "easy_install --user" but I can't import them from my WSGI app. Any ideas?

That's a bug -- we have a fix almost ready to go, but it's tied up with some large infrastructural changes so won't go live until the New Year (we don't want to risk having everything broken over Christmas!)

The problem is that we don't set up the path properly for your WSGI app. So for now, a good workaround is to add the specific packages you've installed to your sys.path in the WSGI script manually, like this:

import sys
my_package = '/home/drewvid/.local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pisa-3.0.33-py2.6.egg/'
if my_package not in sys.path:

That should be enough to get things working until our bugfix is in.

That's great I'll give it a try.

 Enjoy your Holiday

Yes, your suggestion worked. Thanks once again.

Excellent, glad to hear it! Have a good holiday.