Scrolling in the bash console or making it bigger?


Was wondering if there is a way to see a full screen console or able to scroll up in the bash console?

thanks Chris

We can't do full screen consoles at the moment, but you can scroll back in the console using the scrollbar on the right of the console.

Thanks I have bee using chrome and the scroll option is not available there but is in firefox

thanks Chris

What version of chrome? What OS? We've never seen a console without a scroll bar. Are you sure there was something to scroll back to?

Its not working for me in chrome

Version 40.0.2214.111 (64-bit)

Maybe its a setting in chrome? Not sure

What operating system are you using btw?

Just to add another datapoint, console scrollback works fine for me on a Samsung Chromebook with chrome ver 40.0.2214.114

Im using OS X 10.9.5

Can you post a screenshot?

Ive put up a youtube video of behaviour with chrome and firefox

While playing around I realised in os x you can do a two finger scroll that works in the bash console

Im not really fussed and am happy to not waste your time on this :)