IE Viewing Problem

I use PA at work using IE8... I know but not my choice ;( The machine is pretty locked down I have this problem where the dashboard menu selections are cut off although I can select a bash but cannot edit file directly or MySQL directly. Has anyone got a workaround bearing in mind I cannot install a proper browser or get to any of the trust options?

Oh no bad luck! Still, last time we checked things looked OK on IE. Will you send us a couple of screenshots of the problem, to, and we'll see if we can't get IE 8 installed somewhere...

In the mean time, once the login cookie is set you should be able to just type the urls for those pages directly to access them:

  • Consoles:
  • Files:
  • Web:
  • Schedule:
  • MySQL:

Obviously you need to replace any 'a2j' with your userid. I'm also confident PA staff will get the issue resolved in a permanent way for you soon.

I finally found a workaround! I've installed the utility from and installed the Firefox portable which runs from a USB stick, no restrictions (although SSH port blocked) but still...progress :) Full steam ahead.

Glad to hear it! FF portable works great. I'm sure it will serve you well. Hopefully your employer won't catch on and find a way to lock you out of that....shhhhhhhh...☺

Yup, if you can get FF portable into the company on a USB stick then it is definitely your best option. And remember oldie, Premium users can SSH out to any host from a PythonAnywhere Bash console. So you should be fine...