Do you plan to make this accessible from other websites ?

Like a plugin ?

Slidehare and megaupload are popular because they are embeded anywhere.

Now imagine any Python website would have an embeded console to make people try their stuff, and just have a snippet and clic 'Run'.

Actually we have been talking to people about that. We tweeted a couple of weeks ago that people who are interested in using an embedded console should drop us a line and had a few responses.

The console is inside an iframe so it's not too hard to do. But at the moment the user needs to get their session authenticated somehow which doesn't happen if they visit the iframe directly.

The console itself is useful but as usefull as the hability to present a "file", and let people edit it or run it.

Actually yes! I don't think we had thought of embedding the editor with runnable files. Or at least one of the other guys might have but I hadn't anyway. It's a cool idea.

This is something I'm looking to do too. I have a site with some coding problems in Python. Instead of downloading the files, editing them, and then submitting to my autograder, it would be great if they could edit and run them right in their browser.

Thanks! I've upvoted the feature request in our tracking system.

BTW if you'd like to try out the simple embeddable console that we currently support, just try putting this in any web page:

<iframe style="width: 640px; height: 480px;" src=""></iframe>

Works great ! If there a way to write in it from Javascript ?

Well, a bit of code like this will work:

var char = 65; 
(function(char) {
    var event = window.$.Event("keypress");
    event.charCode = char;
    event.ctrlKey = "false";

That will send an "a" to the console. But a proper javascript API sounds like a really good idea. I'll add your vote to the ticket.

I'm very enthousiastic about this. I'm writting a book, and I feel like there would be a great added value to the online version to use this. For each snippet, the hability to run it with a clic in a console then tests stuff manually would be really neat.

It's a win win: my book is more interactive, and people learning Python would see pythonanywhere as a Python hosting reference.

For now the Book is French, and is going to be published at the middle of the year. So I don't want to make empty promises, but I love the idea.

ksamuel - sounds great! Currently you only get a "vanilla" console with our embedding api, but we're trying to find ways that people could provide a pre-prepared environment...