Server issues?

Hi, I've noticed the PA servers are reacting really slow (~30s or more to serve a page) and I'm getting lots of "Internal Server Errors" though nothing is showing up on the error log

We've been having a little trouble with scaling. Run-away processes by some of our users are affecting other users. We're keeping an eye on things and trying to sort the problems out as they occur. We're also working on more long-term solutions that should prevent this from happening on future.

I've been having some issues as well. So far pythonanywhere has been great when it comes to having a python shell I can run from anywhere to quickly try out ideas but I'm a little scared of hosting a web app on the current infrastructure.

We've got some cool things coming up that should help with the slow webapps. Sorry about any trouble it's causing you.

I have discovered your site through a web2py tutorial and I was really excited to be able to start for free (I am just learning web2py) and later have finished projects deployed in the same infraestructure, but I have also got problems while creating my first web2py app, or djando, or flask, or whatever, the server answer is the same: "Sorry, there was an error connecting to the server." The last comment about this issue is from July 14, and now is Nov 5, so much time to have the same issue, Are the paid accounts sharing the same resources than the free ones?

I understand a infraestructure like that can have scaling issues at the beggining and I expect you sucess with this project. Personally I think it is a very good solution for python hosting

Thank you


I think the server issues discussed in July happened after PythonAnywhere did a big upgrade to their system.

Have you gone to the 'Web' tab of dashboard and clicked on 'Reload Web App'? That one has bitten me a bunch of times

(Just checked my webapp, Flask, and it's working fine)

Sorry about that. We did fix the problems in July, and everything was fine for a while, but we've hit another scaling problem. We're working hard on fixing it: details here.

At least scalability issues are, commercially at least, fairly high class problems!