Weird static fie behaviour

It seems none of my static files are accessible? i run a virtualenv and have not updated it yet, am i the only one with this problem?

What exactly is going wrong?

right i think i had this problem months ago as well, in my file directory i cant download any image files, have a look, the little icons have disappeared, and my web apps are image-less, i cant remember what was the problem but something to with having a non-"something" character in my code somewhere, but the problem is across both my web apps.

re: your file directory, can I have permission to take a look? which directory is it?

re: your web apps being image-less, can you provide a specific URL for an image that is currently not working?

1 please help yourself, the problem is my entire directory (anywhere i have a jpg or png) but specifically skru/mysite/static/mysite.

2 not sure what you mean, if i open up my site and use devtools to find an images url:.. but there is no image at the address

oh my god i'm so sorry. i installed a stupid web developer tools thig last night and it dissabled images on the browser... what an absolute twat