PHPMyAdmin installation in PythonAnywhere

Can I install phpMyAdmin in pythonanywhere and make my database file(xyz.sql) which is in pythonanywhere server to open in phpMyAdmin..?????

No. We don't support phpMyAdmin and we have no plans to do so.

You could develop a simple way to create and visualize tables, it would be really useful.

So if in case I want to access and perform update/insert operations on DB without commands(like in phpmyadmin for mySQL), how i can achieve.??

@likegift -- we find that using an ORM like Django's, or SQLAlchemy, makes it easy enough to work with a database using Python, so we don't really ever miss having a GUI for a database... Django also give you the admin UI, of course...

I sure miss PHPMyAdmin ... it's one of those things that one gets to know well and easily design/adjust the database on the fly. I really wish you's think again about it; Maybe I am wrong but I can't see that it would be all that hard to do.

It's not hard, it's just not something that we want to do, or see any need to.

A great alternative to PHPMyAdmin turns out to be Very intuitive, fast and easy with SSH as well, and simple/useful for persons like me who conceptualise/design & build all at once ... no longer miss PHPMyAdmin. SQL Workbench is another viable tool but for my liking I'll take DBeaver any day.

That looks pretty nifty! It should work well with PythonAnywhere if you do SSH tunnelling -- have you got it working?

Yes .. easy; I use the SSH tunnelling and I used used your post on topic [MySQL Workbench] for proper addressing: here Of course the thing is with SSH tunnelling is that everything must be exactly right.

Yup, that's very true -- it can be particularly persnickety about very minor details...

I thought we were all hardcore here and only used consoles...

Ummmmm I'm not hardcore at all! and don't try to be. Python, python modules and web apps make a wonderful tools for scientific discovery in related fields. I'm thankful for the software tools here (and everywhere) but keeping it simple affords me the time to focus on the application.

Just a joke

np ... and my God I wish I had a developers brain.


Please support PHPMyAdmin regardless of your opinions. Give the people what they want and they will come and spend money.

It's not a matter of our opinions, it's a matter of where we choose to spend our limited time. We cannot support everything, so we have to make choices about what we do.

I support not supporting PHPMyAdmin, not even adminer (which is superior to the former in every aspect) simply because this is a Python related service and not PHP

Bad choice...spend time where people pay for. You lose a client, bye


I relied 100% on PHPMyAdmin before I came here. My knowledge of MySQL has probably gone up 100 fold in a few months since I started using the command line. I'm finding now that I can write queries in my Python scripts much quicker because I understand what I'm doing rather than just copying and pasting code all the time.