Other solutions for Drop Box

Ok. I have a python program that needs to be able to edit CSV files saved on the cloud (data logging). The code is is currently running on my computer, and just access google drive folder dowloaded on my computer. I want to transition the code onto a web browser so that I could use it anywhere I had internet access, and this looked like a good option because I was just going to use Drop Box instead of Google Drive. After setting up my account I found out they no longer support Drop Box.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

If you want to use a file on Dropbox, you could try this:

  • Create a public folder or file in Dropbox
  • Put the data in it and make sure it synchronizes to Dropbox
  • Get its web address
  • Use "curl" to get it from Dropbox
  • Use Python to process the file.

This used to be pretty easy with Dropbox public folders. I am told that with more recent Dropbox accounts you can make files shared on a file-by-file basis. It seems to me that either one would work.

Best wishes, -greg