How to install pinry into pythonanywhere ?

I'd like to test Pinry opensource based on django, into PAW. The instruction they give are for an empty environment so if I create a PAW django web configuration then going with a standard pinry installation mess up and does't' work...

Can anybody can help me telling how to install and run pinky into PAW ? Thanks.

Once you've followed the first few steps with pinry, you should be able to use "manual configuration" to get what you want. If you need a virtualenv, check out the guide in the wiki first...

Thank you for the answer. Now I'm playing with manual configuration and virtualenv... I'm not at ease with both. Hoped someone else had already installed pinry and had specific PAW instructions.

OK after some digging into PAW wiki, virtualenv and pinky docs now everything works.

Excellent, thanks for confirming! Was there anything odd that other people might need to know about?