User interface suggestion

I like the tabbed dashboard interface (Consoles, Files, Web, Schedule and MySQL). It's very simple and works well. There are links within those sections that take you away from the tabbed dashboard. I would prefer that these be opened in a new web browser tab. I'm thinking specifically of consoles and the file editor. This would mean that my Dashboard is always open on one browser tab and then I can more easily expand my working environment. I know I can use ctrl+click to open links in new browser tabs--I just think the work-flow would be smoother if the links opened in new tabs by default.

I should conclude by saying that this is more of an "icing on the cake" kind of suggestion. I already love using this service.

Glad you are enjoying the service and thanks for the suggestion.

To me this feels like a individual matter of preference. I am often annoyed when web sites do something I don't expect and am pretty used to using the middle mouse button if I want to open something in a new tab. But what do other people think? Are there any other minor / major niggles that are getting on people's nerves?

We recently changed the behaviour of file links. The way we did it the first time around was just wrong but we didn't realise until other people had actually used it and told us that. We dogfood PythonAnywhere every day as we are writing it but sometimes I think you just get used to eating the delicious dogfood.

My suggestions for the user interface would:

  • possibility to create / rename or delete directories
  • possibility to upload multiple files / multifile select

TIA Bruno

Thanks, Bruno -- I've added votes for those to our tracking system.

Count my upvode for the rename/upload feature and my downvote for the tab feature. Tabs are hard, let the browser handle it: it will be faster, less bug prone, it integrate with existing workflow and extensions.