Best Way To Adapt Project With Upgrade


I was really clever this morning, and decided to upgrade my Django version this morning from 1.3 to 1.6

Having a quick look at the django site, it seemed the simplest way was to pip install --user -U Django. It worked well, as far as i can tell actually upgrading Django. How it fairs with the project is another story. I knew there would be errors, but i am wondering now if it would not be simpler to delete this project and start a new one with the old code fitted in with the Django 1.6 and python 3? So far i have seen operational errors and when trying to syncdb, the project settings cannot be found. My project is very beginner and not the best, but i have put a lot of effort into it and would hate to see it all go in vain lol.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated before i do anything further.


Yes, Django 1.6 is very different in lots of ways to 1.3. (Actually the real problem is 1.3->1.4, when they change the file layout quite substantially.)

If your project doesn't have a huge amount of content right now, then the easiest thing is probably to start from scratch. Perhaps take a copy of the existing project files, and then create a new one, then copy things from the old one to the new one as needed?

Thanks giles, this is what i was thinking.

Maybe its a good thing as it will now give me a chance to try some new things. Ill delete the project, which as far as i know keeps the source files, and just deletes the project settings.

Anyways, lesson learned! :)