No surprises

As has been the case since I've used your services. I get about a month of good service and then weeks of problems followed by you guys try to explain away the problem any way you can. Incredible.

Hi cob, welcome back. Is there a specific problem that we can help with?

Welcome back? Huh?

I just meant that we hadn't heard from you on the forums for awhile. We did have a lot of problems starting on Friday and then extending into Saturday morning GMT. I presume that is what you are talking about. If you have any specific problems that are still occurring feel free to let us know.

You know what the problem is. How about actually fixing it instead of dancing around it.

BTW, I was very much looking forward to having ssh access to PA. But you are charging for such access? You have to be kidding. No I guess not. Nice business model. (notice the irony).

cob: to be fair to the guys at PA, if there aren't people paying for the service, then there isn't going to be a service

Hi Cob, If you want to tell me what the specific problem is then we could see about fixing it. If you are talking about the outage we had on Friday or Saturday then that is a going to be a long process of infrastructure change. If it's something else then let me know in the forums or if you don't want it to be public then just drop me / us an email. If you are just making a general comment that the service is crap and we should make it better then, yup. That's what we are always working on!