console freezing

hey chaps,

I'm getting so far with a task and my console is freezing, is there any known reasons for this that I can trouble shoot?

what do you mean by freezing? does it come back if you refresh the page?

I have the same problem

Sometimes, if the connection from the browser to PythonAnywhere gets broken, you can get the connection back by reloading the console page.

Just to add to that -- if you're accessing PythonAnywhere from behind a firewall, sometimes that can mean that the connection from PythonAnywhere to the browser gets broken. This is because some firewalls are quite aggressive at killing connections that they deem to have been open for too long.

its not the connection It might be that im running it on a chromebook?

its not the connection It might be that im running it on a chromebook?

I don't think so, quite a lot of people are using PythonAnywhere on Chromebooks.

well then i don't know it jsut freezes and you need to refresh it and most of the time freezes again after typing a couple of letters or commands

Where are you based, geographically? I assume not in China from your username ;-)


Hmm, it's very unlikely to be a network latency issue, then -- our servers are in Virginia. If you're not behind some kind of firewall or proxy, I'm perplexed! How often does it happen? Is it every few seconds, or every couple of minutes, or every hour or so?

every couple of seconds

Are there any errors in the browser console? (In Chrome, that's "hamburger" menu -> More tools -> developer tools)

im using a school chromebook other computers are fine so I cant really go into inspect element if I new a script to do so I could

Are the other computers where it's fine on the same network?