My favorite domain registrar is...because...

@Jarrod1031 I saw your post here mentioning namecheap. I was wondering if you've used in the past and what your experience has been. Or is this the first time? Either way I would like to know what you have to say about the experience.

@all I have recently become unhappy with my registrar. I'd like to hear recommendations. I am going to move, I just don't know where to at this point.

I realize this can start a religious war, but please refrain. I'm not seeking any kind of drama. Just people's personal experiences that say either go here or don't go there (and why) would be most appreciated.

I have half a dozen domains purchased through namecheap. I don't have anything negative to say about them. I think for me that is a service that is doing its job well if I am not thinking about it and that is what they do. I have recommended them to others that I have designed web pages for, and I will continue to buy from them as I need more. Guess it depends on why you are unhappy with who you use now on whether or not I would suggest them to you.

We use, and have been very happy with them. I also have a few personal domains with, and they've been OK too.

That said, both of them have rather convoluted admin pages. But AFAICS that's a general problem with registrars...

Another namecheap user, so far so good.

The question I really want answered is why do they all have such crappy interfaces for their web sites??!? It boggles the mind.

@hansel: Well, maybe there's a potential business opportunity - there's got to be a niche market out there for people who just want to fire up a PA-style terminal and edit their zone file directly rather than muck around with some online nonsense. (^_^)

I recently had dealings with GoDaddy and unlike some of the registrars at least their website doesn't look like something that was knocked up in the mid-90's and the only edit anybody's done since is to remove the "Under Construction" animated GIFs... On the other hand, the web design is... Ah... A little colourful (read: feels like being ambushed by drug-crazed chameleons) and they have a tendency to hide all the really useful options behind innocuous little menus. Once you've learned the menu-fu, it all seems quite practical. I can't help wondering whether their up-sell options just make the existing functionality more conspicuous.

It may be a stupid reason not to want to do business with a company, but I can't stand the advertising I've seen from GoDaddy, so unless the earth really does turn out to be flat I doubt I'll use them...☺