Telegram MTProto Proxy


Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I didn't find a related topic here. I'm trying to build a Telegram MTProto proxy server ( and I've followed the instructions mentioned in that page. In the last step, where the service is started, I'm supposed to specify the listening port. No matter what port I set it, I get the following error:

cannot open http/tcp server socket at port [port number]: Permission denied

Is it some limitation from pythonanywhere side or should I do something else for it to work?

You cannot create servers on arbitrary ports on PythonAnywhere.

So what can I do? Like, for example, can I set it randomly and then see what port it is using now? Or, are there some specific ports I can use?

No, we do not route any traffic to the console servers, anyway. So even if you could get it running, it would not be visible to anything. You will not be able to run MTProxy on PythonAnywhere.