Interested in telling your PythonAnywhere story?

A journalist is keen on writing something about PythonAnywhere. In particular, he says, he'd like "the story of a small team, perhaps a dispersed one, and how PythonAnywhere makes it more productive. An emphasis on mobile applications is ideal. Clever use of notebooks is a plus."

Would anyone like to talk to him? If you're shy about letting other readers of the forums know, you can drop us a line by the feedback link...

I could make up a story...but sadly I don't have a real one good enough to tell yet. Don't worry. I'm sure that's more of a reflection on my use of PA versus PA itself...☺

I wish I could help out but I'm a one man show here.

I'll have a pretty good story in a few months but for now I mostly have just a pretty good plan. :-) I'd be happy to talk about our intentions, though.

If he does find some small team using it for mobile (before I do) I'd love to hear about it.

Our responses to this actually make me wonder if any of us who have separate things going on, (as greg just said: "I mostly have just a pretty good plan.") would find it beneficial to work together on any of our projects. Obviously not every situation would be a good fit, however there could be opportunities out there for collaboration.

I would encourage anyone inspired by this thought to let us know and see what develops. PA is a collaborative environment, so let's run that collaboration through it's paces!