i think you are wrong with external ip blocking My application uses sockets to check some ips. I use it occasionally with little trafic and its only for my purpose and for a few collegues, not public. It worked fine till yesterday that you blocked external ip for free accounts. I think you should not do this. Please, block "bad people" not all of us. I see i'm not the only one with the same problem. Looking for another web hosting. It's a pity.


We REALLY didn't want to do it, but we could think of no other way to protect ourselves and our users. I wish we could tell who the "bad people" are ahead of time and just block them, as you suggest, but the only other way we can know if someone is a "bad person" is after the damage has already been done.

I'm sorry that you're looking for other hosting, but I understand your reasons.

A follow up to my previous post: If these are services that might be useful to our other users and they are publicly available services, we will consider unblocking them. Just let me know what they are.

well, i try to use this socket connection, because i have to send a file through it. This is the code i get a error message

try: com = socket.socket() resp = com.connect((ip, port))


It's not about how the connection is made, it's about where the connection is made to. If the sites involved are generally useful to our users, and have a public API, we'll probably add them.

there is no solution. the ips are not sites. They are private ip only to receive orders from customers through brief connections. The web i have created is for to test the conecctions to those ips, and they can be variable depending the bussines thanks

Juliobm - you could always pay the guys $5 a month... just saying...

Because of the title of this thread (i think you are wrong with external ip blocking) I have to chime in.

The Python Anywhere team has to be restrained in their responses because this is their business, but since I'm just another user, I can say something they can't. That is...DON'T BLAME THEM. PA had the ability to connect out. It was in the service for all of us including FREE accounts. A problem arose they had no choice but to deal with it...people were making free accounts and performing activities that had the potential to get all of PA shut down. No group in their right minds would allow jerks to come along and ruin what they are doing for a living without trying to stop them. PA was left without choice. They absolutely had to deal with this problem. Then in a style that they regularly use...they took some time to consider all the possibilities on how to handle the situation. I wasn't in the conversation, but looking at their track record I'd bet cash they tried to figure out ANY way to stop the jerks without hurting our friends that hold FREE accounts. In the end...after considering technical limitations and the problem of THE WORLD WE LIVE IN...they made the only choice they could. A compromise on blocking with an exception list that is as liberal as they could do under the circumstances.

I for one applaud PA for their method and conclusion on this matter. Please don't be frustrated at them. Realize who caused this and take it out on them. If you still have any doubt try this...Stop, think if I owned PA and had this problem. What would I do. Most of us if honest would have done something less generous in solving the problem.

Thank-you Python Anywhere, I know you have to make difficult decisions too often, but that is the world we all live in!

Ha, thanks a2j. And we really are open to suggestions as well. I mean hell, maybe people would be happy to pay a $5 one time fee just for internet access by itself. At least that way we have some identifying information. I think anything where people have at least something at stake makes everything a bit more civil.

hey ! i agree with all of you. !!

  • PA is a great service and i would do the same that they did. I only appointed that the most of services in a web need to go out to internet. If you block this service, you are loosing the utility.

  • I made a web for a few colleges to test some web services. We are going only to use it for a few times, and all of us have local programs that do the same like the web hosted in PA. If we feel that we need my web hosted in PA, I will pay for the hosting. Actually I did the web to learn flask.

i want to thank all staff of PA for their work,

@Juliobm I wasn't speaking out against you. Just making sure that people who come along and read this thread have balance. I don't think anyone is bothered by your post...just making sure that additional points are made.

I apologize I didn't state this in my last post. It was simply an oversight on my part.