Can I use FastAPI framework with PythonAnywhere? from fastapi import FastAPI #now returns error...

Installed with pip, will investigate...

Unfortunately I don't think it will work :-( It uses ASGI, and websites on PythonAnywhere need to be based on WSGI.

Thanks for help! Wish ASGI will be implemented soon by PA team...

It's certainly something that's high on our priority list! No ETA right now, though.

Hi. Any news on ASGI support?

We're working towards it, but we don't have a timeline yet.

Don't want to be annoying... but at is there any estimated period for having this feature available? this summer, this year, next year... ?

No, we don't have an estimate.

Love the website. I understand you don't have an estimated time, but I am eagerly waiting for this feature too

Hi @labs, thanks! I'm bumping up our ticket for ASGI on your behalf.

Any news on ASGI?

Still on our todo list, @shinokada.

Any updates on FastAPI ? :)

No, it's still on the to-do list (like it was yesterday :-)

+1 on this feature. Do you have a page where users can vote on new features?

We don't but we sort of do that for you by upvoting our tickets. You will be informed when it's implemented.

I would also find ASGI useful and would love to know when you implement it if you implement it

noted. thanks!

Hi guys,

+1 on this request. FastAPI is super-useful! :)



+1 on ASGI

Noted, thanks

I would love to see the possibility to have ASGI and FastAPI too ! Thank you so much for everything you do, pythonanywhere rocks !



Upvoted again -- this one is getting very high up the priority list. No timelines yet, as there are a lot of changes that it will require, but we're very much aware that it's important :-)


Upvoted again

hi, +1 again. also, is there any estimate?

No, we do not have an estimate

Wow I just suscribed to pythonanywhere as developer account...and now realized that does'nt support fastapi....I want to kill myself

Sorry to hear that :-(

Man...instead of say could provide us an estimate of when you release this functionality...I can see that the fisrt comment was on Oct 14, 2019 ...and 2 years later you keep saying "we don't have an estimate" as answer ??...maybe you could share with us a priority list or something ??....because this look like a lack of profesionalism on your part. As clients we need concret answers!!

We can't give precise timelines; there are several thousand things that people have asked for on PythonAnywhere, and we keep a priority list based on how many times people have requested specific things. However, the numbers change over time, so if (for example) something is a thing that someone asked for in 2019 is currently (say) tenth in the list, by the time we have done the preceding nine things, other things might have gone up in priority and now be more important.

No company gives complete roadmaps of the thousands of things that people have asked for, as it would simply be impossible to keep accurate. All we can say is that we are keeping track of it, and when it comes to the top of the list -- based on the number of people who have asked for it at that point, not on the number of people that had asked for it at some point in the past -- then we will schedule the work and do it.

So are you saying that update your technologies is not on the top of your priority list ?...since 2019 ?? time I hear that a tech company prefer to have a technology that is becoming obsolete instead of update it....well, I don't waste my time enjoy the free $20 I give you...bye.

Fair enough. Thanks for letting us know.

I'm sorry about that, I also was expecting that, so posible I'm goint o check for a diferent platform, maybe docker and a provider.