Can I use FastAPI framework with PythonAnywhere? from fastapi import FastAPI #now returns error...

Installed with pip, will investigate...

Unfortunately I don't think it will work :-( It uses ASGI, and websites on PythonAnywhere need to be based on WSGI.

Thanks for help! Wish ASGI will be implemented soon by PA team...

It's certainly something that's high on our priority list! No ETA right now, though.

Hi. Any news on ASGI support?

We're working towards it, but we don't have a timeline yet.

Don't want to be annoying... but at is there any estimated period for having this feature available? this summer, this year, next year... ?

No, we don't have an estimate.

Love the website. I understand you don't have an estimated time, but I am eagerly waiting for this feature too

Hi @labs, thanks! I'm bumping up our ticket for ASGI on your behalf.

Any news on ASGI?

Still on our todo list, @shinokada.

Any updates on FastAPI ? :)

No, it's still on the to-do list (like it was yesterday :-)

+1 on this feature. Do you have a page where users can vote on new features?

We don't but we sort of do that for you by upvoting our tickets. You will be informed when it's implemented.

I would also find ASGI useful and would love to know when you implement it if you implement it

noted. thanks!