Set up Django app on Pythonanywhere custom domain


I just create a web app and use custom domain. I follow the help page and successfully set up the DNS. When i go to the Web App Page the DNS set up doesn't show any warning but when i tried to go to my website it can not load the page and just keeps loading.

Is there any thing i need to set up? I am using dynadot.

Thanks, Kevin

You need to add '' to ALLOWED_HOSTS in django settings. Also set Debug to False there or protect your webapp with a password.

Hi ! thanks for your fast response.

I have just deleted my web app and tried to set up from the beginning. I also have added to ALLOWED_HOSTS and set Debug to False but still can not load my website.

Please help.


Looks like it works now.

It's so strange. I tried to go to the url from my mobile phone and can load the page. But from my labtop browser, it can't load the page.

The Connection keeps on timed out. Is there any other setting i need to set up?

That's odd -- perhaps it's a DNS propagation thing. I can see your site from both mobile and my desktop machine. Because your phone and your laptop are using different ISPs, it's possible that your DNS change is just taking longer to propagate to the one your laptop uses. Is the site working on both for you now? DNS changes normally completely propagate within 24 hours.