Django Background Tasks and Celery

Hi, I have been trying to use Django Background Tasks as advised here,

When I attempt to test it, creating tasks and databasing tasks works ok, but when trying to process them with...

python process_tasks

I get a...

__main__     CRITICAL No module named 'celery'

I cannot for the life of me track this down, celery does not seem to be mentioned in the code at all.

Anyone tried this or have any ideas?

Thanks. :)

Well, that was a case of As soon as you post it on a forum you figure it out...

It was an old package called django-report-builder that I never use and was rotting away in my virtualenv. It has some celery imports in it and for some reason Django Background Tasks was accidentally calling them.

I am not even going to find out why, totally removing django-report-builder has fixed if for now.

Nothing to see.....

Oof, that sounds like it must have been tricky to track down -- glad you worked out what the problem was in the end!