Create a web app to upload pictures on Google MyBusiness

Hello to all, And thank you for the previous helps. Ok, I am working in a little company in Japan, our sales people are so successful that I will surely explode of overwork soon. We are taking care of clients' My business Accounts, I have something like 600 and 40, 50 more each month. I need to find a way to upload faster pictures. I am trying to obtain the right to connect to the MY BUSINESS API, but I need to have made the code of the APP first. And I am not a coder. You see how things are... hard!! This will be the next challenge. This is a big challenge for me. The only objective is survive my job. I will also open source the code, I would love to have your point of view about all this.


This may be help to start the training.


Or this

That does sound like a tough job! It looks like you've found some good "getting started" resources, though.