pythonanywhere django social-auth returning error

I used Django social-auth to connect to facebook and twitter.It was working fine till yesterday.After you have made surgery in is showing error. Error is :URLError at /complete/facebook/

<urlopen error Tunnel connection failed: 403 Forbidden>

Please help to solve this issue.

Oops. That's an oversight. Yesterday we added blocking of access to arbitrary external sites from free accounts. This was in response to some abuse by our users that could have gotten us into a lot of trouble.

We should have included facebook in our list of allowed external sites because that's useful for a lot of people. I'll get that done today.

Thanks a lot...The issue is fixed.Thank you.

@glenn It really is too bad that we live in a world where you have to watch your back so much...Oh, well, not something even PA can solve....:(

I agree. We really didn't want to do this. We'd much rather be spending our time making PythonAnywhere great instead of reducing it's usefulness.

can you also allow access for pintrest ? It would be really helpful for me ! :) Thanks in advance !

Hey can we access to I'm trying to test an app for them. Thanks in advance.

It looks like they don't have a public API, but I guess they're big enough that they won't mind :-) I've added all subdomains to the whitelist.

Who needs a public API when you have Beautiful Soup? (^_^)

Very true!

@nonte: Welcome to PA...I'm glad you found us...☺

@all: Should Beautiful Soup be renamed to Beautiful API?

Would it be possible to add to the list of allowed addresses?

I guess you're hoping to access the Tripit API? I wondered whether it might be acceptable to just allow (from a brief glance at their docs).

I have added to the whitelist. Let us know how it goes.

And of course we hope it doesn't trip(it) you up...☺