CSS not quite working, Collectstatic fails with SECRET_KEY setting must not be empty

I was able to successfully deploy my site and I am using an .env file for my secret keys. The site works great except my max-width setting is not working on a table cell. I tried to run collecstatic in bash, but I get the "SECRET_KEY setting must not be empty." error, which seems odd since it is reading the secret key otherwise.

Any thoughts?

what framework are you using?


As a Flask user, this triggers me a lot

Make sure you are using the dotenv module properly and reloading your web app

Are you related to @glenn? You both have the last names 'jones'

@jjadmin -- are you sure that you've got the environment variables set in your bash console? For example, if you're following our help page "How to set environment variables for your web apps (for SECRET_KEY etc)", have you done the "For Bash consoles: load your .env file in your virtualenv postactivate script" section? And if so, have you activated your virtualenv?

@giles there it is, thank you! Forgot to amend my postactivate script.

@dull no relation haha, jones isn't actually my name.

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