Slow CPU

Hey there. I'm trying to use MoviePy in order to automatically change some vids.

But I faced a problem - one video takes about 3-4 hours to complete. I'm checking the speed of writing the new file - its about 3-6 bit/s, which is, you know :)

At the moment, I'm not in the tarpit. So the question is - can I somehow upgrade my acc or is there any other possible way out?

its about 3-6 bit/s

holy crap

P.S i might be a little inaccurate in some things, im just a beginner looking for some help :s

I can see that you removed "daddy's" in ur post

Maybe this slow speed is caused by the fact that PythonAnywhere's servers have no GPU or hardware video encoding available

I can see that you removed "daddy's" in ur post


As for the GPU, as far as I'm concerned, MoviePy uses only CPU

what is the resolution/framerate/etc. of the video you are trying to render?

Res 1280x720, fps 24, bitrate 4000k, preset medium

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I still need help, guys :)

Right, that does sound very slow indeed. Our disk storage is networked, so it's not as fast as a local SSD, but it certainly should be faster than that.

How big are the files -- both the input files and the output files?

Actually, as I said before, I might have understood something wrong - moviepy tells me its '5it/s' Maybe that's for iteration? I assume bit, but not 100% sure.

I concatenate two vids - 600KB and 160MB, output must be something around 200MB (also not sure because it never finished). ±70000 frames of output.

On my MacBook (i5 2,3GHz, 8Gb RAM) it goes with 30-35it/s

You're comparing a multi-thousand dollar machine that's not doing anything else against a part of a machine that costs you a few dollars a month. That's not really a fair competition. For comparison, a roughly equivalent machine to your MacBook would cost over $100 per month.

I'm not complaining nor blaming you at all! Just asking a question, hoping to get any help if it is possible. If it's not and you're saying that nothing could help and I can't upgrade my account to get more CPU power - then I got it, thanks for the replies :)

They are hiding the faster CPU in Area 51

Sorry if @glenn sounded defensive there! I think he was just trying to clarify things.

According to this page the "it/s" number is frames per second, which makes more sense than bits per second. If it's seven times slower, that could well be due to IO rather than CPU; if you're doing the video processing and it's reading/writing to an SSD on your machine, then that would be the kind of speed difference I'd expect; our disk storage is over the network (which is how you can access the same disk space from different consoles, from websites' code, and so on). So that would unfortunately mean that upgrading wouldn't speed things up :-(

Glenn the Defennsive

If they don't give us faster CPU, then storm PythonAnywhere. They can't tarpit all of us