Whitelist Sumbmission

Hello, i uploaded a file that makes a request to a little API i made that runs on link:

When i run it i get Error('Cannot connect to proxy.', error('Tunnel connection failed: 403 Forbidden',)) as i researched a little on the topic i came to the conclusion that is not whitelisted here, so if that is the case can you please add it?

If that's not the reason i get this error can somebody help me with it?


Is there some kind of API documentation for that site? We can only whitelist official public APIs. If there is one, could you post a link to the API docs?

There is no official documentation for their API since it constantly changes

here is some unofficial docs for it though:

If you don't know allows people to host NodeJS projects for free so essentially you can create your own API and that's what i've done and why i want to make requests to their domain

I think alot of people could benefit if you whitelisted it


No problem. I have whitelisted that.

Can you also whitelist since this is where the projects are hosted

I don't think we can whitelist all of, as that would potentially include Glitch apps that aren't APIs. If this is your own API, perhaps you could put a page on it somewhere saying that it's an API and give us a link to that? Then we could whitelist your API specifically.

i made some minimal documentation here: is it enough?

Thanks! Yes, that's all we need -- the site is whitelisted now.

Indeed i get no errors now, thanks!

Please add the API end point to the whitelist?

Documentation available at

No problem. I've added that to the whitelist.