Setting a default Ace them?

Am I maybe missing a setting? I tend to do that.

If there isn't one available now I'd like to suggest a default ace theme setting somewhere in dashboard or account. :)

You're not missing a setting. We don't have a mechanism for changing the theme at the moment. I have upvoted the ticket for you.

One thing PythonAnywhere has taught me is how much the editor theme affects my ability to concentrate. Especially as I tend to use PythonAnywhere's editor in public places. Before switching to PA I kind of anecdotally knew that there was evidence behind most coders preferring dark themes, but because I had never been forced to use a light theme for any length of time I always thought that the reason I preferred dark themes was because I grew up coding on mono CRT monitors. Now that I have a few months experience of trying to code in a light theme I am really, really looking forward to the time PythonAnywhere enable some kind of dark theme in the editor.