Task scheduler missing log file

Wanted to review the log file for the task that I ran in the morning. View log file gives me 404.

That looks like a bug -- well, technically, a wrong design decistion -- on our part. The log file's name contains the text of the command that is run, so if you edit it and change the command, the logfile's name will change. The problem with that is that if you edit the command, the logfile name will change and the link will go to the new name for the logfile -- so you it will be non-existent until the task has run at least once.

The solution is to go to the directory /var/log on the "Files" page (a quick hack to do that is to follow the link to the log file, then edit the URL in the browser's location bar and strip off the filename at the end) -- then you'll see all of the log files for your account, and the task's old log file should be pretty easy to spot.

very crappy design

very crappy design

very crappy post duplication glitch as well

Sorry to hear you think that.

still better than heroku