Accessing built in module '__main__' in Django app

I am attempting to port my Django app to a python anywhere environment. This app contains pickled models which have dependencies. According to this stackoverflow post, "pickle doesn't actually store information about how a class/object is constructed, and needs access to the class when unpickling."

The solution given is to simply include the dependencies in the file where main is called. I was doing this on my local server by adding the following line at the top of my file:

from NewsClassifier.modelTransformers import Cleaner, CountVectorizerWithStemming, SetBias, RemoveNan

However this solution doesn't work in the python anywhere environment as it seems __main__ is somewhere else. Can I somehow access this __main__ module? Or alternatively, is there a workaround to this problem?



Hyperlink doesn't seem to be working so heres the URL for the post:

I solved this problem by simply changing my code to follow the advice of Pankaj Saini on that same page.

OK, glad you worked out a solution!