Deploy to GoogleAppengine

I'd like to deploy a Web2py project to Google App Engine directly from pythonanywhere. The problem is that I would have to run Google's appserver from the App Engine SDK before deploying so it can create the necessary indexes for the datastore. Is there a way to do that with pythonanywhere?

Not at the moment. We have a ticket for adding GAE deployment to PythonAnywhere. I'll upvote it for you.

good to hear and thanks for upvoting!

When do you add it? is not it simple task?

I think the problem is two-fold:

  1. The PythonAnywhere system is very much 'batteries included', while GAE only includes a fairly narrow set of libraries. Something which runs on PythonAnywhere might not run on GAE - causing much frustration.

  2. I suspect the PythonAnywhere guys would quite like you to host your website/webapp with them. I know that the whole infrastructure is based around Amazon EC2, so it should be robust enough for most users... If they were to just act as a front-end/staging server for GAE, it would probably be quite hard for them to get paid.

Mind you, if you don't ask, you don't get :-)

Thanks, rcs1000 -- there's also one other reason, which is that we've got a long list of things that people would like us to add, so we're working on them in order of how many people ask for them (with some adjustment for how difficult they are, so that really difficult things don't block us from doing only slightly-less-popular easy things). GAE has quite a few upvotes, but it's not at the top of the list yet. @ta2013 -- we'll add another upvote on your behalf, which will push it further up the list :-)

Hello everybody, I would also be able to send my project for appengine if possible, thanks!

Cool. I'll upvote that for you.

Please upvote that for me too... gae is a must for me. Thanks!

Another vote here. Thanks!

2 more upvotes added. Thanks.