why there are extra path included when I enter my site?

my website is and sometimes when I enter to my site it redirects me to weird address like I tried to clean up my website code and server as I can but still have a problem with it.

That sounds like it's something your web framework might be adding -- which one are you using?

I am using the Django Framework. and it won't happen when I run on the local server.

Your site is cursed

Is there any specific action that you take that causes the extra path to be added? When I visit your site I don't see it, but you do say "sometimes" in your original post.

no, I did not do any 'action' that causes the problem. and it's not only me but others too.

I see the error logs and there are some get's weird path like '/NpTVR/admin', '/OfLZZ/', '/SPMSZ/' etc.

and does aren't mine.

You could try to use your browser developer tools to see the network requests that are going out to see what is causing the redirect.

I think it causes the problem when you try to access the homepage with a mobile phone. and I didn't set up anything for mobile version except bootstrap.

I really don't know what could be causing it to only happen on mobile. If you're using a redirect for to, it might be whoever is doing the redirect. Or it could be some javascript you're loading on the page that is causing it.

Have a look at the requests that came in around the time when you see the issue and see if there are other requests from the same IP that, for instance, hit your root url first before going on to request the weird url. If there is no initial request, then it would either be the redirect or something on your mobile that is changing the url before the first request is even made.

Maybe this issue is caused by Javascript libraries you are using

Did you fix this problem yet?