Unable to edit JS files

Good day. I am implementing changes on my existing site but getting the following error:

You do not have the permissions to edit ...js files.

Why am I receiving this error? I have edited it before.

Can I take a look at your files? We can see them from our admin interface, but we always ask for permission first.

Hi Giles

Yes please do, the file is under edge animate.

My apologies, the complete link is maiainternational/static/maia/edgeanimate_assets/animation_maia-2/assets

I'm assuming you are trying to edit the files from our files tab interface. What is the path to that file?


I have also try uploading newer files but it still does not load the update on my web app.

Which file is it that at that path? It seems like you should be able to edit all 3 of those files. Perhaps you were logged off?

I was logged in, have edited and also uploaded new files. I am getting the same error and its mot implementing changes on the live web app.

Do you mean the file /home/Alaia02/maia_international/maia_international/static/maia/edgeanimate_assets/animation_maia-2/Assets/animation_maia_edge.js ? Perhaps you could send us a screenshot of what you see in your browser when you click on the file -- probably easiest if you email it to