Subpages after switching plan


I had a free account with a web app and its subpages (dplyr.pythonanywhere/subpage1, dplyr.pythonanywhere/subpage2, etc.) working well. I switched to the paid account and set a custom domain ( Now I can access the main page but all subpages,, etc. return error, I get the 'Coming Soon!' Python Anywhere message.

What am I doing wrong? I set the CNAME configuration with GoDaddy, which worked fine to redirect my webapp to the main page, but should I do something else to redirect each subpage?

hi- is it because your subpages are still going to dplyr.pythonanywhere/subpage1 instead of

I don't even have access to the main page dplyr.pythonanywhere anymore, even less dplyr.pythonanywhere/subpage1. Only is working.

Should I do somehting different in my Flask script to point the subpages to I currently have something like this:

@app.route("/") def main(): return render_template("main.html")

@app.route("/subpage1") def subpg(): return render_template("subpage1.html")

And I tested that routing the main to subpage1 like

@app.route("/") def main(): return render_template("subpage1.html")

works correctly, I get subpage1 in

yes- you would not have access to after you have changed your webapp from to

It seems like you probably have some templates that are linking to dplyr.pythonanywhere/subpage1 instead of just /subpage1