Drum roll please...Python 3.3.x in beta

I don't like to make assumptions, so I'll start by asking if you have been looking at how Python 3.3 works on PA during the alpha stages? Then I'll ask with beta 1 being released tomorrow when we'll see a 3.3 option here on PA...or for that matter if you already have it here as some sort of beta that we can start to look at on PA even if you don't consider it ready for 'live' use.

I could keep listing questions here, but you get the idea of what I'm asking, so I'll just wait for your response.,,thx!!

It's unlikely that we'll include a beta, but we'll get the release soon after it's ready. You're right, though, perhaps we should provide "sneak peeks" at the upcoming Python versions.

I agree you don't want people putting a beta in 'production' and holding you to a performance standard, but, yes...a "sneak peek" would aid in verifying if anything breaks. That would help mitigate any surprises.