Switching server start from project folder to app folder

Hi! I am new to Django. I successfully downloaded django's git files to pythonanywhere but the problem is...

It started from my project folder directory. you know, from what I know, there are two starting points when starting a server using command like python runserver like 1> my project > app(thru startapp command of django)

So pythonanywhere's app is running the first and my work is not appearing on my pythonanywhere website

How can I switch from 1> to 2> to show my real work on my website? Thank you so much for reading it!

When you run runserver in a console, it starts up a web server for testing, but (as I think you've discovered) there's no way for any requests to get through to it.

In order to create an externally visible website, you need to set it up on the "Web" page -- there are instructions for doing that for a Django project here.

If you get errors when you've gone through all of that procedure, then you can debug them by looking at the error log -- there's a link on the "Web" page inside PythonAnywhere, and the most recent error will be at the bottom of the file.