New, better, console servers

One of the changes our update on Friday enabled was console servers based on better, faster, m3.xlarge AWS instances. They've got the same amount of RAM, but they have processors that are almost twice as fast, and they have attached ephemeral SSD drives, which we're using for super-fast swap.

We didn't start any new servers on this instance type on Friday because we wanted to be sure things had settled down properly. But we've added two to the cluster just now. If you start a new console and it says that it's running on consoles-6 or consoles-7, then you're on one of the new machines. Hopefully the speed improvement will be noticeable!

I should add -- we'll also be moving websites over to these faster instances later on today.

50% of web apps are now running on the faster instances. We'll migrate the remainder later on today.

All web apps are now on the faster instances.