ticket issued:unknown quota -Max

Hey I am getting an error trying to run my app i believe its because i have no available space, cant find where im using the space though can i get some help. I give permission to a python anywhere rep to check for me if thats possible.

Thanks, mike

Hi Mike -- it doesn't look like a disk space problem, you're using just less than half your quota. Perhaps you've cleared some stuff down since you posted this message?

yea i cleared it down since i posted. however the app no longer would work. So i of course being impatient deleted it since i have a golden copy deleted my web app deleted the web2py folder, and then i created a web2py app and when i try to upload my pack file it gets to 100% then says waiting and then i get an error message saying it was unable to install. Any ideas?

Nothing leaps to mind... how large is the app you're uploading?

it is 100MB but i was able to previously install it :/ haha i have no idea?

No idea, sorry :-( Is there no other information with the error?