Request to add "" to whitelist


Would it be possible to have added to the whitelist? I need to fetch my hotel bookings to be processed in my app.


We normally only whitelist sites with official public APIs. Do they have one? That looks like a regular web page.

No, they don't (I think). That is the page where I get bookings in csv file format. Now I created a small django app that helps me handling rooms for my little b&b.

Hmm. The thing is, when we whitelist a site, it becomes accessible to anyone on PythonAnywhere (including, for example, unidentifiable people using the consoles on the front page of, which don't require any kind of login). So we limit the sites on it to those with formal published APIs, because those sites have signalled their willingness to have programmatic access. Before we did that we used to get regular complaints about people using us to launch DoS, spam and hacking attacks.

Paying customers have direct Internet access and aren't affected by the whitelist because they're identifiable so if a law enforcement agency or a team of lawyers turn up on our doorstep complaining about someone's nefarious conduct, we can say "it wasn't us, it was them!" and point to the perpetrator. Or, more realistically, if someone is misbehaving then it's easier to cut them off.

So I don't think we can whitelist for all of our free users, not because we don't trust you personally not to abuse their site -- I'm sure you're doing things exactly the way they should be done -- but because we can't turn ourselves into a launchpad for script kiddies Internet-wide.

Of course, if you sign up for a paying account (so that we really know who you are) then you'll be able to access it anyway.

Ok, thanks!