I suddenly get a Error code: 502-backend when refreshing

Any ideas why I get this error? I know in the past this has happened due to other users on the server?

Its suddenly working again...didnt do anything other than wait....thanks if something was done :)

Often if you hit "Reload" on the Web tab, and then go over and hit refresh on your site while it's still reloading, then you can see a 502-backend for a few seconds...

@harry I'd be interested to know what's involved in the 'Loading' - is it described somewhere please? (Curiosity killed the cat...)

Thanks, Jim

We haven't written it up anywhere no -- it's basically a process of deleting and recreating the uwsgi vassal config, sockets, processes, etc.

Actually my colleague Giles was planning on preparing a talk all about it for this year's EuroPython, so look out for that?

Thanks Harry - maybe Giles could copy the text to sometime?

Good idea, will do!