Can't access MySQL db


I have currently the free account in pythonanywhere. I created a MySQL database I can access the database and insert values from the pythonanywhere MySQL console. But I am trying to connect to the database with Dbeaver, and trying to insert values with php file in a webserver, but it's not working. I also tried pinging the host, always get request time out.

What could be happening?

Thanks in advance Jaime Silva

You cannot access your MySQL database from outside of PythonAnywhere with a free account.

thank you glenn again. From your previous answer I doubted this was the reason! I wish a nice day! Jaime

Hello I am trying to access my databases from my local computer using HeidiSQL but I cannot connect, I need help in this regard I have tried SSH TUNEL and MYSQL TCP / IP. Thank you very much in advance

What is the error you are seeing? and have you followed these instructions?

And what about a paid account?

You can access your MySQL db from outside of PythonAnywhere only with a paid account.