Deleted default files

I just told my buddy to delete those files which are unused in my web app but he deleted the default one's too. The files deleted were:







I got some of them back but still not all of them. Can you please tell me how to get those files back? As my bash is now not working the way it should. On more thing the command for the SSL installation says command not found, I think this is due to those deleted files. Can you please help?

Ok. I have replaced the default files (if they did not already exist) The letsencrypt install would fail because it might not be on the path if you'd deleted .bashrc.

Thank you!!!.

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deleted post

hey there,

This is so stupid, I updated some python modules and it just grew in size and the space quota was reach so i had to free up some space. I obtusely deleted some python core files and python3 is no longer accessible for me

I wanted to ask if my account could be reset or if there are some default files that I could replace everything with?

No problem, I've replaced the default files. You might have to start a fresh bash console to see the effects.

holy $h!t...! for real??? thanks for the help giles, you really made my day!

No problem, glad to help :-D