Please do restore

Hello Team,

could one of you restore my whole account on yesterdays backup?

Today I messed it up. And I have no clue, what I changed and need to make to get the site running again.

Best regards, Umut

Sure -- it's worth noting that our backups aren't really designed for point-in-time restores (they're there for disaster recovery) so it might take 24 hours to restore specific file. But we'll see what we can do.

Thank you very much giles.

This won't happen again in future. I figured out that I need to maintain 2 kind of backups for myself. One for local and one for pythonanywhere. I will use the "Taks" feature for that :)

Do I get a Email notification once the restoration is done?

Beste regards, Umut

Hi there -- yes, we'll email you when the restore is done.

Hi giles,

any updates?