How to revert changes

I have wrongly deleted .bashrc and some other things I would like to revert (just like a virtual env installation). Is it possible to revert the changes as they were at 21:00 UTC of yesterday?

We don't have snapshots as of 21:00 UTC yesterday; the closest one we have is from 2019-01-10 at 10:48:34 AM UTC. Would that contain the files you need? If so, let us know. It's worth noting that our backups aren't really designed for point-in-time restores (they're there for disaster recovery) so it might take 24 hours to restore specific files.

Yes, I simply said an hour that I'm sure was before these changes. It's fine. Thank you.

OK -- we'll get the files to you, probably sometime tomorrow -- we'll put them in your home directory and email you the location.

Ok, I reloaded my account and .bashrc is now restored. I no longer need restoration, sorry.

Ah, OK -- no problem.