Install Rabbitmq

How can I install Rabbitmq ? I need this for Celery in Django.

I'm afraid we don't support celery at the moment, with or without rabbitmq. It's on our list, but it's not going to happen overnight, I'm afraid.

In the meantime, if you have some asynchronous tasks that are not very time-sensitive, you could look into using scheduled tasks. Alternatively, you could keep the tasks inside a normal HTTP request/response cycle, but call those tasks from ajax, so that the overall page load of the site isn't affected?

Will you support for Celery to be functional? and about how much time will it take so that we have work in pending and we start working for this feature as you start offering this service.

It's not currently scheduled, so we can't give any estimates I'm afraid. It will happen, and it's high up the priority list, but I can't say when....

Celery and rabbitmq is now supported by pythonanywhere ? Just asking for my knowledge. I am thinking to use celery with my django project.

No, they are not.