static files not updating

hello guys,

I'm trying to update my javascript code files, but it's not updating.

I changed the code, clicked on save and reupload the website but it doesn't work. Then i tryed to update all static files via bash (pythonx.x collectstatic) and it didn't work too.

Is there something to do in that situation or should i upload all project again ?

thanks !

Could you give us an example of a static file that is not updating? And can we take a look at your code? We can see it from our admin interface, but we always ask for permission first.

my file is jsFuncoes ( javascript file ) which i'm trying to update.

You can look at my code, you have my permission.

Please, help me on this... this is my MVP and i'll show it next week,

What URL is the file meant to be available on?

it must be available at "/crawling/makeResearch/"

I get a login page when I go there; it doesn't contain any JavaScript, so presumably this is something I'd need to log in to see.

You probably shouldn't post a username and password here on the forums, but perhaps you could send us one using the "Send feedback" link at the top of the page?

i sent a message with a username and password that allows you to login.

Thanks, we've received it and will reply over email.

hey giles, thanks for the explanation.

I realized that my browser is caching my js.

and to solve it, was only clear the cache page.

sorry for all the inconvenience caused by this problem.

Ah! I should have thought of that myself. Glad you worked it out :-)