iPad Pro (12.9 inch, 2018), no keyboard

Is PythonAnywhere designed to work on the iPad Pro with no hardware keyboard?

I have tried this (on Safari), with all sorts of issues.

  1. No syntax highlighting in editor
  2. Virtual keyboard obscuring on-screen keys like arrow keys on consoles
  3. Editor buttons, like Run, do not seem to work
  4. Consoles too skinny (like 3 lines) to be useful

It would be fantastic if PA worked on the iPad Pro!

We try to make it work as well as we can, but it's not really possible for us to rigorously test on all the devices out there.

Of course you can’t test every device. But I am talking about the iPad. No, it doesn’t work with the virtual keyboard. But it didn’t work with Apple ‘s hardware keyboard, either. The iPad, especially the latest Pro, is a fantastic portable device - and if you want to live up to your name, shouldn’t the platform work there?

It certainly should -- the problem for us is that there are so many different iPads out there! That said, the one we test on is pretty old; we'll have to get a new one and find out what's changed.