Hello, I have recently purchased the 'hacker pack' from pyanywhere and I've got a few questions which are located below.

-I'll get in a project that includes;

I'll configure my database so all of these subdomains will have the same member (log-in/out) list.

Let's get in the point, is it possible to use subdomains with the pack I have? I currently have rights to deploy only one app however I thought it might be possible with django's subdomain module (I haven't checked it out yet, just an idea).

I'd be glad if someone can delight me! Thanks!

If you need to host three sites (even if they're subdomains of the same domain) then you'll need three websites set up on the Web tab, unfortunately. If you click the "Customize your plan" button on the Account page, then you can add on two more without needing to upgrade to a Web Dev plan -- a Hacker plan with two extra websites would cost $9/month.